Meeting Room Policy


Berkeley Public Library

Meeting Room Policy


  1. The meeting room of the Berkeley Public Library is available to community groups and organizations whose objectives are cultural, educational or civic in nature.
  2. The Berkeley Public Library will consider special requests for the use of the meeting room by commercial business users. A fee of up to $250.00 for non-Berkeley commercial businesses may be assessed, and up to $100.00 for Berkeley commercial businesses.
  3. The meeting room shall be available during Library hours and terminate no later than 15 minutes prior to the Library’s closing time.
  4. Meeting rooms will not be available to any group or organization for the following types of functions:
    • Private social gatherings, such as bachelor parties, wedding showers, poker games, baby showers, etc.
    • Programs or activities which would materially and substantially interfere with proper functions of the Library, such as excessive noise, a significant safety hazard to the facility or persons within the facility, or significant security risk.
    • As a venue for selling merchandise
  5. Exceptions shall be:

  • Programs or sales conducted by the non-profit Library Friends organization
  • Meetings or non-profit or educational groups or institutions for short-term classes, institutes, discussion groups and forums


Priority for the use of the meeting room will be given in the following order:

  1. Berkeley Public Library and Library-related groups and/or events
  2. Official agencies and local governments serving Berkeley
  3. Educational, cultural, or civic groups/organizations based within the boundaries of Berkeley
  4. Educational, cultural, or civic groups/organizations sponsored by Berkeley Public Library cardholders
  5. All others


  1. Meetings or programs must conform to all fire and safety regulations. The meeting room capacity is 75 persons.
  2. Users must comply with the applicable Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements when using the meeting room.
  3. In accordance with Illinois Law, smoking is not permitted in any area of the library.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Light snacks and bottled/canned beverages are permitted.
  5. If people under the age of 18 are present, they must be under adequate and proper supervision at all times. One adult must be present for each ten children in attendance.
  6. Use of the meeting room may not interfere with the normal operation of the Library.
  7. Nothing may be attached or applied to the walls or ceiling for the meeting room. Modification of electrical units or any substantial changes to the Library building or grounds is not permitted.

The Library staff will not be made available to change the room arrangement or to provide support services such as carrying equipment or material into or around the Library, making photocopies, or handling attendee registrations for a scheduled meeting.


  1. Use of the meeting room is free of charge for non-profit groups. A fee of up to $250.00 per 3 hours or less of meeting time may by assessed for non-Berkeley commercial businesses, and up to $100 for Berkeley commercial businesses.
  2. The Library welcomes and appreciates monetary donations for the use of the meeting room.
  3. Chairs and tables are available for use and need to be set up by the group. Groups using the meeting room are responsible for returning all library furniture back to its proper location. Set-up and take down are the responsibility of the person signing the application.
  4. Cleaning up the meeting room is the responsibility of the person signing the application. The $50.00 meeting room deposit will not be refunded if the room is not adequately cleaned and/or the furniture is not returned to its proper location.
  5. If the meeting room or any furniture or equipment is damaged, the person signing the application will be assessed the amount of the damages. A bill will be sent to the person signing the application, payable within 30 calendar days of the bill date.


  1. Written application for the use of the meeting room shall be made on the approved form of the Berkeley Public Library by a qualified officer or representative of the group, who is 18 years or older. The applicant must be present at the meeting as the party responsible for the group.
  2. Meetings must be scheduled at least one week in advance.
  3. Applicants must provide a contact name and phone number that the Library can provide to the public seeking information on the event.
  4. The use of the meeting room shall be scheduled in order of priority and then by date of application.
  5. The library reserves the right to require any group to change its approved schedule to another date. Notice will be given to the person signing the application.
  6. Authorization to use the meeting room is not transferable to any other organization.
  7. The Library must be notified immediately if a meeting is canceled.
  8. Groups scheduling the use of the meeting room on a regular basis must submit an updated application each calendar year.


  1. Individuals and organizations reserving use of the meeting room are responsible for their own publicity.
  2. All advertisements, announcements, press releases, flyers, etc. relating to meetings must clearly state that the meeting is not sponsored by the Berkeley Public Library.
  3. The location of the Library can be publicized. The Library’s telephone number may not be used for any purpose.
  4. The Library is not to be included as a source of further information.
  5. The Library will not handle attendee registrations or take messages for non-Library sponsored program participants.
  6. All promotional materials to be posted or distributed at the Library must be submitted to the Director for approval.


  1. The library is not responsible for theft of or damage to equipment, supplies, materials, or personal possessions owned by those sponsoring or attending a meeting or activity.
  2. The person signing the application and any group or person using the meeting room must indemnify and hold harmless the Berkeley Public Library, its Board of Trustees and all Library staff for any and all accidents which may occur on Library premises.
  3. In the event of an emergency closing of the Library, all reservations are automatically canceled. Library staff will attempt to inform the contact person of the closing.
  4. The use of any meeting room by an outside organization does not constitute an endorsement of these groups or of their programs by the Library, its staff, or its Board of Trustees.


  1. Users who fail to follow the regulations for use of the meeting room may be denied access to the meeting room.
  2. Notification of users being denied use of the meeting room will be made as soon as possible after receipt of the application.
  3. Users who have been denied permission to use the meeting room may appeal such denial to the Board of Trustees at the board’s next regularly scheduled meeting. Written notice of that appeal and all written documentation supporting that appeal must be delivered to the Library at least five business days before the Board meeting.